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Mordern Design

International quality standards. From entrance handles sets to nice locksets for the interiors, even the trim plates and the rosettes will surprise you.

Raw materials

Shinyhandles provide any styles you want for handles and knobs but still guarantee for the quality .We proffer crystal hardware in an array of authentic materials.


Crystals require 3 steps polished. We clean clay and dirt , soak the crystals to remove heavy grit and discoloration, guarantee their shine.

Surface test

All passed the surface test.Including checking the transparency, guarantee the materias free from any kind of impurities and defect-free.

Tensile test

All passed a rigorous tensile test to check the firmness of the glue that is used between the crystal and the hardware.

Drop test

A box of product is dropped from a certain height to check if the product is damaged during the transit.


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